Manor House of Fargeas Mirabeau


Exceptional guest house in the Limousin 

Things to see and do in the surroundings

You will find below a list of suggestions to spend relaxing and enriching holidays in our fair region.Discover its historic heritage, its rolling hills, its changing landscapes from the valley of the Briance to the hills of Ambazac, the “Arédien” country, the hills of Châlus or the hills of Blond. The area is world famous for its porcelain and its enamels. We also suggest a few ideas to entertain the children on rainy days.

You will find there a few suggestions about food :  : office du tourisme



a faire à proximité de Vicq sur Breuilh


Things to do in the vicinity :

The house can be the base for a ride in the unspoilt valley of the Briance and the Blanzou; those two meandering rivers are at a ten-minute walk from the house. Have a look at the road maps in the kitchen and walk up to the charming manor houses of Traslage or Fressange. You'll be in a position to enjoy the view on the vallez of the Briance (by the way, you can bathe or fish in this river).

The tourist office suggests a dozen hikes to the sights of the area :

• A recently unearthed Gallo-Roman archeological site: la villa d’Antone  

• The Cécile Sabourdy Muséum of naïve art installed in the lovely eighteenth century presbytary of Vicq-sur-Breuilh and the charming manor house of Nouailhas.

• The ten hectare heath of the Cluzeau and La Flotte where the serpentine stone is still excavated. On the facade of our manor house and inside the house itself you will see serpentine stones. In the sixteenth century, the duke Des Cars called it the limousin marble.

• Exhibitions, shows, activities connected to the theme of tale-telling are to be found at the library “Le Père Castor”.

• Outdoor activities: swimming in the lake of La Roche, water-skiing at the lake of Forgeneuve. Over 60 miles of hiking trails(promenade de Meuzac).

• The medieval fortress of Châlucet and he hiking trail through the forest of the Ligoure.

• At La Porcherie, you can visit the museum dedicated to d'Arsonval, a famous physicist. You will find family-friendly activities there.

Catholic service: check the website of the parish of Saint Jean Baptiste or of the diocese of Limoges.

Check the intercommunal tourist office Briance Sud Haute Vienne tel : 05 55 00 89 91, and the brochures you will find in the kitchen.  

Things to do within a twenty mile radius 

• In the hills of Châlus : the castle of Les Cars and its stables where you will see dormer windows like the one in our house and wonderful wall paintings.

• MUST DO: The road of the Porclaine

• Beautiful villages to visit:

Solignac and its exceptional romanesque abbey: a must see.

Saint Léonard de Noblat, its medieval streets and its magnificent abbey church.

• Remarkable medieval castles : Bonneval, Lastours

Things to do with the children

• The zoological gardens of the Reynou : a one hundred hectare park, with ancient trees, 600 animald representing 130 species from the five continents.

• Bathing, water sports: lake of Meuzac, lake of St Pardoux, Aquapolis

• Canoeing or kayaking down the Vienne river

• Golf course of La Porcelaine at Saint Just le Martel, St Lazare golf course in Limoges

• Tennis courts at Pierre Buffière and Vicq sur Breuilh

• Angling (fishing licences to be got at Vicq sur Breuilh, there's a fishing spot ten minutes away from the house)

• At the d'Arsonval museum, the family can make a scientific artefact themselves

• Gold digging (gold washing) at Saint Yrieix or at the Chalard

• The library of Père Castor

• Tree-climbing,the best spots are commented on by the visitors 

• DIY at the Moulin du Got, ancient paper fatory in Saint Léonard de Noblat

• Railbike

• Treasure hunt in the Limousin 

Things to do on rainy days

• Visit the underground passages of Limoges

• The road of the Porcelaine

• DIY at the Moulin du Got, ancient paper factory at Saint Léonard 

• The library of Père Castor

• The family can make a scientific at the d'Arsonval museum

• Aquapolis

Typical day trips

• Day trip to Vicq sur Breuilh on the hiking trail of the Breuilh ridges. Take a walk around the beautiful manor house of Nouailhas, then get down to the village centre and visit the church. Have lunch at the local bistrot. Visit the Cécile Sabourdy museum and its gardens then have a drink and buy souvenirs from the local grocery store. You can round up your trip with a concert at the old Mill or at the old Castle.

• A trip to Saint Pardoux: First visit the porcelaine museum in Limoges. Then have lunch in a restaurant. Then take a dive in the lake of Saint Pardoux or if the weather is rainy, go to Aquapolis.

• A trip to Saint Léonard: Visit the Moulin du Got, the ancient paper factory and the printing museum. Then visit the abbey church of Saint Léonard and stroll through the streets of the medieval village and enjoy a good lunch at the local restaurant then walk on the paths of Santiago de Compostela.

• Hikes or rides starting from the manor house Go and visit the roman Villa d'Antonne then have lunch at Pierre Buffière. Get back following the Briance river then visit the gardens of Traslage. You'll be back at the manor house just in time for tea.